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Garage Storage - Racks and Shelving in the Central Valley, CA

We maximize your garage storage capacity quickly and easily with overhead garage storage ceiling racks, making your garage more accessible and organized. Park your car in the garage again!

Garage Storage Racking Systems is a locally owned and operated business serving Central Valley Communities.

From seasonal decorations to outdoor furnishings and sports equipment, our garage shelving systems are the ideal and affordable solution. Best of all they are 100% customizable!

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"These racks are not only extremely durable but they look so nice. I am so happy with my garage now and would highly recommend GSRS to all of my friends and family!"

Heidi Honberger (Modesto)

Overhead Storage Solutions

made simple

All the prep work is done prior to the installation such as making the brackets, and cutting the common sizes that will be used during the installation. All the ceiling racks and shelves are made from the same materials.

Our simplified process makes the installation seamless, quick, affordable and headache-free for all!

Purchased 2 2x8 shelves

Custom Storage Pricing

Need custom garage or shop storage shelving? At Garage Storage Racking Systems, we can customize your needs on-site. No need to special order or delay your installation. We start and complete the installation the same day. The pricing for the custom garage shelving is based on the material needed to complete the project.

The pricing increments can change every 2’ -4’ of racking based on the design. To get the best value is to select 4’ x 8’ ceiling racks and adding 4’ or 8’ sections.


Pricing is based on the initial highest. Priced racks will be charged at full price. Any Other racks or shelve purchased that day will Be billed at the “Additional” pricing as shown to Right.

When you purchase the initial highest priced Rack at full retail pricing as shown to the right, any and all other racks and shelves you purchase that day will be billed at the “additional” pricing show to the right.

"Big savings"!

Other reasons to choose GSRS:

There is no DIY installation here. Don't waste your time and money on the big box store inferior racks that you have to install! Let GSRS furnish the superior materials and have our professional installers customize your racks and install them to ensure maximum quality and reliability.

Wall Shelving

Unlike other garage storage systems, our shelves mount directly to the studs in the wall. This unique feature adds an unmatched level of stability and strength to our racks. You do not have to worry that your shelving will fall over.

2x10 Garage Storage Shelves

100% Customizable Overhead Storage Racks

We use different length lag screws, depending on your ceiling construction to mount our racks. We use state of the art equipment and drill pilot holes to make sure to find dead center of your ceiling truss. This ensures ultimate strength of our racks. Each 4 x 8 rack holds 600 lbs.

Our heavy-duty garage racks are made with 13-gauge galvanized steel. They are manufactured never to rust and will last a lifetime at an affordable cost. All shelves are fastened together with galvanized nuts and bolts.

We can customize on-site. No need to special order or delay the project, we complete the same day we quote! Pricing for the custom garage storage work is based on the material needed to complete the project.

The height from the ceiling is up to the customer. Most popular distance from ceiling is between 2' and 3'