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Above Garage Storage Racks

Above Garage Storage Racks
Above Garage Storage Racks

Above Garage Storage Racks

You may feel as though you have added another room to your house after installing above garage storage racks. Are you feeling claustrophobic at home? Do you have too much to store, but not enough space to store it in? Our mission is to help you keep your things stored safely and easily.  Taking back your storage space from clutter is Garage Storage Racking Systems’ specialty. 

Studies have shown that half of Americans park their cars outside the garage, using the garage for storage instead. Don’t let your garage get messy and cluttered, when Garage Storage Racking Systems can reclaim that space for you. Our steel shelving systems use an open design, so you have easy access to your things when you need them. Now you can park your car inside the garage again, as was intended.

Saying goodbye to the winds of winter

With winter soon coming to a close, those heavy coats, boots, skis, and snowboards are all going to have to get put away somewhere. Ideally, you would put them on above garage storage racks. What do you do with your winter clothing during spring? Chances are, you’ll probably stick them in a box, and leave the box in a corner. If that corner is up by the ceiling, you’ll never trip over your winter gear or need to move it out of the way to find something else.

If you just need a place to store your skis, poles, or snowboard while you wait for the season to come around again, the most cost effective solution is one of our 2’ x 8’ storage racks, starting at just $275 with free installation.

Hello to summer and spring

Once spring arrives and the weather warms again, you may want to break out the kayak and oars you’ve had sitting in storage since last summer ended. The rest of the time, though,  storage space above the garage floor is ideal for items like these. One of our 4’ x 8’ racks should be sufficiently large to hold your kayak and oars.

Bring back lawn furniture

Once winter has run its course, it’s time to break out the lawn chairs again. Invite some friends over, fire up the grill, and turn on the game. If you won’t be entertaining guests for a while, store that lawn furniture out of the way, on top of new garage storage racking.

Clutter-free is the way to be

Garage Storage Racking Systems will build you above garage storage racks, customized to fit your specific needs, no matter the size or shape of your garage. Service quotes for potential customers are always free, and we are more than happy to handle same-day installation appointments. We understand that your time and money are both limited, so at GSRS, customers come first.  Learn more about our pricing, then contact us via our web form, or call (209) 494-8004

Garage Storage Racking is a locally owned and operated company in California’s Central Valley.

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