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Best Garage Storage Rack

Best Garage Storage Rack

4′ x 8′ Overhead Rack + 2′ x 12′ Wall Shelving

Best Garage Storage Rack

Garage Storage Racking’s mission is to build you the best garage storage rack you can get, so you can keep your garage organized and clear.  The garage has been an integral part of American homes for over a century. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the first house with an attached garage in 1908. A little over a decade later, garages started to appear on newly built houses, as automobiles had almost completely replaced horses as the most common method of transportation by this time.

Americans soon discovered that the garage was useful not only for storing cars, but for storage in general. In many homes, the garage took over the purpose of storage that had been traditionally done with basements and attics.

Depending on your situation, you may find that your needs are suited better by parking outside and using your garage for something else. What else can you do with this part of your home?

Working Out

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced many gyms and parks to close out of an abundance of caution. During this time, those who wanted to stay in shape got creative, and discovered the garage is an ideal place for a home gym. The best garage storage rack for you will move those dusty old boxes off the floor to the space above you. You may also consider a wall-mounted solution that enables convenient equipment storage.


Your garage is the ideal space for a workshop. Set up a workbench on the side next to storage for your tools. Now you have a perfect space for working with wood, metal and glass. If art is more your speed, the garage’s cement floor and open floor plan make it great for painting or clay sculpture.

Media Room

Televisions are bigger and cheaper than ever. If you’re not going to park in the garage, turn that space into a comfortable home theater and gaming room. Move in a sofa and a table or two to put your snacks on. Complete the setup with a sound bar and a woofer. You now have a room for enjoying your favorite games and movies, separated from the rest of the house. Turn up the volume without disturbing anyone!

Get the best garage storage rack for you

No matter what you decide to do with your garage, Garage Storage Racking will build you the best garage storage rack, fit to your specific needs. We understand that your time and money are both finite. That’s why we make our service quotes free, and install your new storage racking the same day. Learn more about our pricing, then contact us via our web form, or call (209) 494-8004. 

Garage Storage Racking is a locally owned and operated company, providing service to California’s Central Valley communities.

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