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Garage Shelves and Storage

Garage Shelves and Storage

Garage Shelves and Storage

Garage Storage Racking Systems at the Modesto Home Show

Garage Shelves and Storage

Adding additional garage shelves and storage is a cost-effective way to improve the usability of your garage, and increase your home value. Garage Storage Racking Systems seeks to help  homeowners with messy garages throughout Modesto, CA, and the Central Valley. If you’re tired of parking your car in the driveway, we’ll help you take that space back. Reclaim your garage from bicycles, Christmas ornaments, and out-of-season clothing. Are you short on time? Same-day appointments are no problem for GSRS. We’ll even Install your new garage shelves and storage absolutely free. 

For more information, call us today at (209) 494-8004.

Affordable Garage Storage

Do you have a lot of stuff? Maybe it’s a good idea to reorganize it. Making an appointment with Garage Storage Racking Systems for new garage shelves and storage is a money-saver compared to some other solutions. Did you know that a 50 square foot storage unit in California can cost up to $150 per month? Climate-controlled storage units are even more expensive. That’s $1800 per year just to put your things somewhere! In this tough economy, people are looking for ways to save. When we can create more storage space for you right at your own home, you won’t need to waste money on storage units ever again.

With GSRS, you can get started with a ceiling-mounted 4’ x 4’ overhead rack for just $400 (not including tax). If, for example, you had 3 of our 4’ x 4’ overhead racks installed, you will gain 48 square feet of storage. That’s almost as much space as a 5′ x 10′ storage unit. After 8 months, your new overhead storage racks will have paid for themselves. Instead of paying every month in perpetuity for storage, you will continue saving money every month after. Installing new garage shelves and storage just makes good economic sense.

There’s also the convenience factor to consider. Would you rather get in your car and drive 20 minutes through traffic to a storage unit, or walk out to your garage in your pajamas?

Hanging Garage Storage Shelves

Our steel garage shelves bolt directly into the wall or ceiling of your garage, ensuring a solid shelf that can hold even the heaviest of your belongings. The lattice design our shelves use allows you to further expand your storage functionality with hooks and ropes. Hang your bicycles upright when you’re not using them for a smaller footprint. Put away ladders by hanging them horizontally from hooks instead of leaning them against the wall precariously. Our garage shelves and storage solutions give you versatility. No matter how large or small your garage, or what shape, GSRS can help you make it better.

Garage Shelves for Seasonal Storage

Spring has officially arrived, so it’s time to put away your winter gear. Heavy coats, snow boots, skis, poles, snowboards, you won’t need any of it again for months. When you add new garage shelves, you’ll be able to keep these things safely out of the way for the months you won’t be using them. This also applies to your Christmas ornaments, and that plastic Christmas tree you got so you wouldn’t have to vacuum up pine needles.

What can we do for you?

Call Garage Storage Racking Systems today, Modesto’s local experts in garage shelves and storage. Learn more about our pricing on our website, then send us a message through our website, or call us at (209) 494-8004 to make a free, same-day service appointment.

Garage Storage Racking is a locally owned and operated company, providing service to the Modesto, CA area.

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