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Overhead Garage Storage

The garage is used at least partially for storage by many. It’s easy for your garage to end up cluttered and disorganized. You may be one of the 48% of Americans parking a car outside the garage because storage takes up too much space. Garage Storage Racking Systems will get that space back for you. Our steel shelving systems use overhead garage storage for your belongings. The open design means you have easy access to your things when you need them. Now you can park your car inside again!

If you have a lot to store, it can be like adding another room when overhead garage storage keeps your things secure and out of the way. Is there anything you’ve wanted to do at home  recently that you couldn’t because you lacked a place to do it?  Taking back your storage space from clutter is Garage Storage Racking Systems’ specialty. 

Here are a few suggestions.

Set up a work space

If you need to get out a hammer and nails, you probably don’t want to do that work at your kitchen table. Garages are ideal for messy and noisy tasks you want to do away from the rest of the house. A popular use for garage space going back decades is to create an area for storing and using tools.  Beyond car repairs, this is also an ideal place for carpentry or woodburning. Most garages have concrete flooring, which stands up to cutting and burning tools much better than hardwood and carpet.


Garages can be excellent art creation spaces. They offer easy cleanup of paint and clay: the metal and concrete of a garage mean there’s no worry about staining when a spill happens.  They can be used as isolated work areas, freeing you from distractions so you can focus on your creation. Once you’re done painting or sculpting for the day, the garage can also be used to store your paints and other materials.

Home Gym

Moving all that clutter from the floor to the ceiling might inspire you to use your newly-acquired space to get in shape. If you’ve been wondering where you could put new fitness equipment, the garage is your answer. This is an area of the house well-suited for a weight machine or stationary bike. You may also like it as a place to store your sports equipment between matches.

Create an extra room

With a few alterations, a garage can easily be converted into a space suitable for use as another room in your house.  In areas with above-average rent rates, many homeowners convert their garages into large bedrooms or studio apartments and rent them to tenants. 

Fast and affordable

Our home storage solutions start at just $275 including quote and same-day installation. Whatever your plans for your garage, adding overhead garage storage is an ideal first step.  Take back your garage from those dusty old boxes and suitcases in the corner.

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